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The Burrow

Venue: The Warren: The Burrow  |  Genre: Comedy |  Warnings: Age 14+

(No Performances)

J is hiding in the toilet at a gay club. Maybe because of what he just saw on the dance floor. Or maybe because he's being chased by a crab... and this is one cranky crustacean. As panic bubbles to the surface, J recounts the events that led to his most recent breakup and the toilet in which he's cowering. All the while the Crab is snipping at his heels, primed with insults and eager to take him down. A darkly comic exploration of the cause and effect of minority stress, 'Crabmeat' will ask the question: got crabs? One of ESLondon's Top 15 Things to See at Camden Fringe 2018
Event Tags: Storytelling, Solo Show, LGBTQ+, Stand-up, Funny