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Nathan & Ida

Venue: The Warren: Theatre Box  |  Genre: Comedy |  Warnings: Age 12+

(No Performances)

A failed cat-burglar and a struggling gigolo form an unlikely pair, taking aim at the top of St-Trop! Among chic jet-setters and glitterati these underdogs plan to pull off a daring jewel heist. Award-winning comedy duo Nathan & Ida present a fast-paced, screwball adventure about love, friendship and dreams on the fabulous French Riviera. C'est si bon, indeed! "These performers have it all" (Fringey Bits) "...exuberant character comics" (Buxton Fringe) "[They] tumble with the energy and grace of a couple of accomplished clowns headlong through their story" (Daily Info)
Event Tags: Physical, Funny