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Carly Jurman

Venue: The Warren: The Burrow  |  Genre: Dance and Physical Theatre |  Warnings: Age 18+ Restricted

(No Performances)

A one-woman physical theatre/clowning show following bright-eyed, open-hearted 1950s bachelorette Judith and her journey to become the most lovable girl in town as she and her (problematic) narrator prepare her for a date! Set to your favorite 1950s hits, alive with physical romps, embarrassing slapstick scenarios and honestly disgusting 50s recipes, Judith dances (and trips) her way through all steps to preparing the perfect date. But is being the perfect date all its cracked up to be? How about being the perfect woman? Find out what truly makes us lovable (and Unlovable)!
Event Tags: Solo Show, New work, Slapstick, Physical Theatre, Funny, Clown