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The Man Without A Past

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New Perspectives

Venue: The Warren: The Blockhouse  |  Genre: Theatre |  Warnings: Age 14+

(No Performances)

The lives of an eclectic community living in abandoned shipping containers are thrown upside down when a mysterious man arrives. With no memory of former life, a daily serving of soup begins to nourish his heart and soul, until the rediscovery of his past puts his new life in jeopardy.Jack McNamara cleverly adapts this Cannes Grand Prix award-winning film comedy by one of Finland's greatest modern storytellers. Featuring a soundtrack from songs of praise to sultry jazz, this part-melancholic love story, part-deliciously deadpan comedy takes you on one man's journey from anonymity to salvation.
Event Tags: Film, Live Music, Adaptation, Absurdist, New work