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Bad Chemist

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Martin Stewart

Venue: The Warren: Theatre Box  |  Genre: Theatre |  Warnings: Age 10+

(No Performances)

Working in his lab late one night, award-winning Oxford research chemist Peter Rook stumbles across a mysterious box, the opening of which makes him question everything he's ever held to be true and threatens to lose him his job, his reputation and even his mind. Can he work out what's going on before his own universe (or maybe even the entire universe) implodes? A comic sci-fi storytelling drama. Reviews for Martin Stewart's previous shows: "Superbly energetic and engaging" (Sci-fi Bulletin) "Bittersweet comedy laden with depth and substance" (The Upcoming) "Beautifully human" (The Scotsman)
Event Tags: Storytelling, Solo Show, Sci-fi, Science, New work, Funny